Murder Mystery


The show will start with actors mixing with the guests in character to start setting the scene, this is such a good way to break the ice and kick off the evening’s entertainment.


Depending on the scenario a murder will happen or will be announced. Clues will be given out during the evening. Between courses guests will have chance to speak with and grill the suspects.


Our actors play the suspects so the guests can relax and enjoy the evening. To studiously examine all the evidence by gathering clues given by the suspects or maybe take a more laid back approach and just enjoy the entertainment!

Our actors are experts at being interrogated so you can be sure of a fun packed evening.

For smaller groups guests can take part and become suspect themselves!

We can cater from 8-200 guests and prices start from £350.

We can perform our murder mystery to fit with your theme. If you would like something bespoke contact us and we can tailor a script for your Skew Whiff Event!

1920's Detective checks pulse of woman.