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CSI Investigations

We have an interactive educational event to offer school groups.


Students will become the key investigators, to solve a crime and decide if the suspect under arrest is guilty.


They will conduct forensic science experiments and work as a team to search out the facts and work through the lies and red herrings.


We will bring our pop up testing lab and set out a crime scene. Chromatography, fingerprint testing, handwriting analysis and a form of DNA extraction will also be used to help get to the truth. We will explain the science behind the forensic tests undertaken.

The investigators will also get interrogate the arrested suspect to determine whether they are the guilty party. Communication and rapport building are crucial skills here if the suspect is to talk freely. 


Members of our team have worked with the Met Police on their serious crime specialist interview courses and will feedback techniques used by real life detectives in their interview process

Contact us now to see if your team can uncover the truth!


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